2017 MWC Exhibitors

30th Mid-Winter Conference & Expo





(As of January 18, 2017)

ABC-Access Business Communications A-8
ABM Funding, Inc. C-5
Academy of Funeral Svc. Practitioners A-0
Addvantage Casket Company H-2
afpHorizon C-8
Aftercare.com D-8
All About Honor D-10
American Funeral Financial A-12
Applied Lighting Solutions B-8
ASD-Answering Service for Directors F-2
Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company A-4
Bass-Mollett Publishers I-7
Batesville Casket Company D-6
Bill Black Cadillac L-2
Cahill Swain F-9
Carolina-Doric, Inc. BC-1
Carolina Southern Funeral Supply H-6
Casket Sales Inc./Don Harrill Co. E-5
Cemetery Funeral Supply E-11
Columbian Financial Group D-11
Contemporary Concepts, Inc. A-10
Crain Sales K-6 & Concourse
Crossroads Mortuary Services, LLC B-5
Custom Air Trays, Inc. B-6
Diligent Decon H-11
The Dodge Company G-4
Executive’s Cutting Edge K-4
Express Funeral Funding HI-9
Federated Insurance A-6
Final Embrace F-8
First Citizens Bank L-7
Foothills Planning Services C-4
Frigid Fluid C-6
Funeral Directors Answering Service E-10
Funeral Directors Life I-5
Funeral Home Gifts B-10
FuneralOne BC-11
Gaulden Monuments, Inc. A-7
Gibson-Moore Prof. Mortuary Svc. E-9
Gold Leaf Carriage J-12
Great Western Insurance Co. G-2
Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service J-10
Hairfield/Childs Vault Companies BC-1
Hecox Goodwin J-1
The Joe Henry Company A-11
Holland Supply, Inc. G-6
Homesteaders Life Co. A-9
Insurance Management Group I-10
International Mortuary Shipping D-4
Legacy Touch J-11
Life Point, Inc. G-9
Live Oak Bank C-3
Mastercraft Casket Company, Inc. A-1
Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions DE-1
Messenger F-4
Miracles In Sight H-10
Mobi Medical Supply B-3
National Funeral Directors Association I-2
The Outlook Group/Physician Mutual F-6
Parks Superior Sales J-9
Piedmont Technical College G-8
Pierce Companies L-7
Precious Memories I-6
ProComm D-5
Regulatory Support Services E-8
Rockwell Casket C-10
Romamerica Concourse
SC Department of Consumer Affairs J-7
SC Military Funeral Honors J-5
SC Department of Vital Records J-8
Security National Life Insurance I-11
Shields Southeast Sales, Inc. K-1
Shiva Shade, Inc. K-5
Southern Calls J-3
State Office of Victim Assistance J-6
Sumter Casket Company FG-11
Triangle Atlantic Casket Company HI-1
Trust 100 L-0
Tukios C-9
United Community Bank E-4
Vantage Products Corp. B-9
VJW Development & Family Svc. Inc. I-3
Ward’s Transport Services H-5
Wilbert Dealers of the Carolinas FG-1
The Witherspoon Law Group, PLLC Concourse